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Introducing Sox

Sox at work

So I realize that most of you reading this know some of the clowns from Seattle, but one you don’t know our international clown, “Sox”.
Known to his mother as Andy Bownds, he is a 22 year old clown from England. Sox found clowning in of all places, an institution of higher learning (go figure). He went to Winchester University and graduated with a degree in Performing Arts and Drama. While there one of his professors gave a presentation on clowning as an art form and Andy said he knew he had found his place. He actually did his final project and dissertation on the art of hospital clowning; that is dedication!
Andy is a fine craftsman at clowning, he is very expressive and he is not afraid to take a fall for a laugh (unlike us old clowns who break more easily) he does magic, juggles very well, but most importantly he CONNECTS with the kids instantly.
Andy has shown his heart on this mission; our leader Jed “Duffy” Selter has been quietly talking with Sox about starting a Caring Clowns International chapter in England. Sox has agreed, not only will it give our mission wider exposure it will also give us other opportunities to help kids around the world.
We look forward to great things from our first international chapter, so if you know Sox, please join me in giving him a fine clown hand(thats the big white one)


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