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A place by the Sea

Good morning,
Yesterday we were treated to a special place to clown at Cruz Blanca which is a camp for girls aged 4-14 to get away from their homes in the shanty towns on the surrounding hills for two weeks. It is a piece of very nice property, the church bought and donated to a local order of brothers, who built out the facility with donations. These girls have very little in the world, and this place is a couple of weeks away from their lives of living in a shanty. For this wonderful little time it cost $100 dollars per girl. All given by donations. I’ll get back to that…
Interestingly enough the older (16-18 year old) girls working there as volunteers most came from those shanty towns and stayed here as kids and are now giving back for a few weeks each summer.
The girls all wanted hugs from the Payaso’s. We clowned made balloon animals, then went and played with the girls at their tables as they ate lunch and said their prayers.

So back to the little girls, for $100 American dollars a little girl gets to play on the beach, sleep in a clean bed, eat great food and be a kid. If you would like to do something nice go to our website and donate a two week stay for a girl. For every 100 dollars donated CCI will send a girl too. It is not much, but then they don’t have much.
Don’t feel pressured, it is something that touched me and as those of you who know me….
So lets send some girls to camp!


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  1. So great to see photos and read about your daily activites. Thanks to whoever set up this blog! I just sent in a $125 memorial contributions to CCI- you may use $100 for sending a girl to camp. Wish I could be there. I miss our friends in Peru. Has Alelvio been able to clown with the group? You are all doing a great job. Smiles from Bingo

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  2. Wilton says:

    Nice contribution, refreshing website layout, maintain the good work

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