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Please place your seat in the most uncomfortable position

It is over, the clowning gear is home, and the clowns of are scattered to the winds.  “Pelukyta” was off to Miami on his way home, “Sox” was going to another city in Peru to teach English for a month. “Alfredo”, “Duffy” and “Banjo” are home safe in Washington state.  But of course the trip … Continue reading Please place your seat in the most uncomfortable position

Last day in Peru

Our last day in Peru was a long one; we began with a 6AM (EST) wake up, packed out our rooms, got in clown drove 2 hours through the traffic to a shanty town up high above Lima. We arrived at the top of this shanty area and piled out into a school that was … Continue reading Last day in Peru

A place by the Sea

Good morning, Yesterday we were treated to a special place to clown at Cruz Blanca which is a camp for girls aged 4-14 to get away from their homes in the shanty towns on the surrounding hills for two weeks. It is a piece of very nice property, the church bought and donated to a … Continue reading A place by the Sea

Introducing Sox

So I realize that most of you reading this know some of the clowns from Seattle, but one you don’t know our international clown, “Sox”. Known to his mother as Andy Bownds, he is a 22 year old clown from England. Sox found clowning in of all places, an institution of higher learning (go figure). … Continue reading Introducing Sox

Afternoon Wednesday- Armonizar

So we came back to the hotel and asked the front desk to order a Grande Pizza for us; she did and came to tell us Pizza Hut would be here in 30 minutes, we thanked her and started planning the afternoon gig. Right on time the Papa Johns medium pizza showed up…what.  Oh well at … Continue reading Afternoon Wednesday- Armonizar

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