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Please place your seat in the most uncomfortable position

It is over, the clowning gear is home, and the clowns of are scattered to the winds.  “Pelukyta” was off to Miami on his way home, “Sox” was going to another city in Peru to teach English for a month. “Alfredo”, “Duffy” and “Banjo” are home safe in Washington state.  But of course the trip is part of the adventure.  Just a few highlights!

As we landed in Atlanta the stewardess came on the PA (interrupting my movie) to inform us we would be landing soon and we had to put our tray tables up and to place our seats in the most uncomfortable positions.  Some things do translate correctly 🙂

In Atlanta we passed through two checkpoints and were welcomed home by our friends at Immigrations. As we waited for our bags to recheck them onto our last leg to Seattle we had a small incident; as an agriculture dog walked through our bags Banjo asked the armed agent “Could I pet your dog?”.  He admits it was his clown that said it because his “normal” brain knew it was wrong as soon as he said it. They let him travel on with the admonishment that Duffy had to keep a closer eye on Banjo.

We arrived in Seattle and were warmly welcomed home by our families, but not so much by the weather. It was snowing and 37 degrees.

SO the trip is over, the good we can do there is not over.  This trip was not paid for with the funds you have/will donate.  We were 100% supported (flight, hotel and food) by Komedyplast.

We can continue to do good things for the people/organizations we worked with through your donations. The amount of good our dollar does is amplified by the low cost in this country coupled with we have talked to the people who are getting the money; and they are good people doing good things!  So I ask if you have not already done it, go to our website and give what you can, it will do good.

Thank you for reading and thank you for all you do to support the work of Caring Clowns International.


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