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What do Clowns look at while they wait???

Their Shoes

Morning gig – Aniquem

This morning we went to clown at Aniquem This was in a house on a side street, they have a complete rehabilitation center set up. They work with little kids who have been burned. They do all types of therapy from psychological, water therapy, physical therapy other things to help the children recover from their … Continue reading Morning gig – Aniquem

Doctor John in Clown shoes

So as I mentioned earlier we spent some time shopping for clown shoes today. We had one of our doctors(doctor John) who desperately “needed” clown shoes to raise his skills in the operating room. So we clowns who are all about supporting our Docs pitched in and got him some real cute clown shoes. We … Continue reading Doctor John in Clown shoes

Boys Town, Peru

Well after an hour of putting our lives on the line in Lima traffic, we arrived at the Santa Maria orphanage in the outskirts of Lima. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t Boys Town with Mickey Rooney. We arrived at the gate and were let in(finally) and parked. The boys … Continue reading Boys Town, Peru

It is only a suggestion

We don’t have a gig until 3PM,so this morning we got in a taxi (how many clowns can you fit in a taxi) and went clown shoe shopping in old Lima. It was quite an experience, we walked through shopping areas winding in and out to look at clown and party stuff. It was two … Continue reading It is only a suggestion

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