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Chicken salad, Starbucks and Kids

So first off, do not eat the chicken salad sandwiches at the corner store in Lima. Through bad translation skills Duffy and I ended up with chicken salad sandwiches. The end of the story Clowns hiding on the Eight floor is not so good, we both came down with a mild case(depends on who you … Continue reading Chicken salad, Starbucks and Kids

Day one

Well the first day is complete. We spent about 5 1/2 hours clowning with children at the hospital. We were in a medium size auditorium type room, and we clowned inside and outside the hospital compound while families waited to see the medical teams. Pelukyta set up a stage and ran a full on show, … Continue reading Day one


A good day! clowns from Seattle, Virginia and London getting to know each other. Lunch at Pizza Hut, and dinner at the hotel. Alfredo & Banjo spent an hour practicing juggling in the courtyard of the hotel, entertaining the guest and themselves. Good night sleep Tomorrow is the day that families from around Peru bring … Continue reading Together

Clowns traveling

Stewardess on clown air As we wing our way from snowy Seattle to our first stop in Atlanta, the stewardess are pushing the carts of drinks up and down the aisle with balloon flower arrangements in the ice buckets and balloon corsages on their wrists. We made balloon animals and corsages for the kids on … Continue reading Clowns traveling


So now for the serious stuff. The medical professionals we are accompanying to Peru make up Komedyplast; a group of medical professionals who are making a difference! In their own words.”By combining medical services provided by volunteer physicians and nurses with a volunteer entertainment team, the primary mission of Komedyplast is to make a lasting … Continue reading Komedyplast

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