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Morning gig – Aniquem

This morning we went to clown at Aniquem
This was in a house on a side street, they have a complete rehabilitation center set up. They work with little kids who have been burned. They do all types of therapy from psychological, water therapy, physical therapy other things to help the children recover from their ordeal.
They have their own sewing machines that they use to make the supportive material that is used to support the skin as it heals. A very interesting thing is they make face masks for the children if they have been burned in their face, it helps to hold the scar tissue down as the grafts take hold.
We clowned in the courtyard, made balloons and just clowned. Really we do the same things everywhere we go. That is why they call us clowns 🙂

4 Responses to Morning gig – Aniquem

  1. Jackie Bownds says:

    Hi, it’s great to hear your news – amazing what what your clowning skills are achieving, lighting up the lives of kids & parents in difficult circs. Glad the docs & hospital staff don’t escape!
    Hope the new shoes put a spring in your step!
    Keep up the fabulous work – even after you leave wonderful memories have been logged!
    All the best, Jackie

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  2. Tracie says:

    I can’t believe all the different lives you are touching through clowning! What an important part of their recovery! Thanks for all the pics too!

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  3. Alfredo says:

    We have to thank you and all the team. We had a wonderful time and it so nice to have such moments when you work with children in pain and desperation.
    Hope you can come back in the future and of course we would love to show the pictures in our renovated webb page.
     Thanks for you encouraging words.
    Best regards,
    Mary Malca

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