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Afternoon Wednesday- Armonizar

So we came back to the hotel and asked the front desk to order a Grande Pizza for us; she did and came to tell us Pizza Hut would be here in 30 minutes, we thanked her and started planning the afternoon gig. Right on time the Papa Johns medium pizza showed up…what.  Oh well at least it wasn’t a chicken(clown joke).
We piled into two cabs that Armonizar sent for us. We arrived and walked in to a beautifully decorated area, balloons and crepe paper everywhere. We quickly set up the stage and performed for about 30 minutes (you should know by now, magic, juggling and play) capped by Banjo and Duffy chasing each other around with buckets of “water” and threw it into the audience with fish tied to lines instead of water.
We then made balloons and posed with all of the kids.
So who is this Armonizar?
They are a wonderful organization that we have raised money for in the past  to help them take care of uninsured kids. Through our wonderful donors we have helped them replace one dental station and refurbish another.

You see we don’t just make balloon animals(although we are very good at that) we also raise funds to support several organizations. This is one… It was a truly touching day. Both visits today the kids need so much and we can only give a little. But the money we raise helps these kids quality of life so much.

See some of the organizations we support through donations here

Banjo juggling at ArmonizarGroup picture at Almonizar
Group picture at Almonizar

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