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Clowns traveling

Stewardess on clown air

As we wing our way from snowy Seattle to our first stop in Atlanta, the stewardess are pushing the carts of drinks up and down the aisle with balloon flower arrangements in the ice buckets and balloon corsages on their wrists. We made balloon animals and corsages for the kids on the plane then walked up and down the row and delivering them to the delight of their parents.
The second flight from Atlanta to Lima was much larger, it is amazing how many people they can put on a plane and glide through the night. As we crossed over the country of Panama I looked down and was amazed how quickly we crossed the width of the whole country, it was not very large but bright. It made me think we often get stuck in our routine, I often go weeks without leaving West Seattle except for work. I think of all the places I have visited and haven’t;I need to get out more often.

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  1. Mrs Cox says:

    Alfredo, sounds like a fun filled flying adventure. As for Seattle’s snow, it was replaced by very nice sunny day.

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  2. Cristine says:

    Superb article, I truly look forward to posts by you.

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