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Vietnam: We’ve made it!!!

A train journey, two plane journeys, and a taxi ride on the capital’s manic streets, and we’ve made it to our first stop in Vietnam- Hanoi! One crazy fast paced city, with lots going on, and definatley unique from anywhere I’ve been in the world.

I’ll be travelling around the country of Vietnam over the next few days with Sox (aka Andy Bownds)- an experienced traveller, who’s been to many places already all over the world, and also an experienced clown.

He took part in the trip to Peru in 2011, and is going to be using some of the skills he acquired there, to spread some happiness in Vietnam.

Me myself, I’m pretty new to the travelling thing, but loving it already, and can’t wait to get involved with the clowning, and spreading a little joy to the communities we meet in Vietnam. I’ll be keeping you updated on our travels on here too!

Plan over the next few days includes: visit an orphanage known as Peace Village in Hanoi, before a boat trip to Ha Long Bay and then on to the Phillis Hope Orphanage. Then on our busy schedule we’ll be visiting a handicapped childrens centre in Ha Giang.

And there’s more to come after that. I’ll be keeping you informed each step of the way via this blog, about the orphanages and schools we visit.

Much more to come! Will be blogging again soon, so keep following our adventures!

And don’t worry if Sox gets to out of hand, I’ll be getting the red nose out and my stern glasses on, to keep him under control πŸ™‚

Ps. A massssivvve thank you to Xain (Sure Sure) for helping arrange our busy schedule over the next few days, and introducing us to a lot of different communities in Vietnam.

Pss. Also a big biiiigg thank you to Duffy and Mellisa at CCI, for helping us to get started organising this trip, and making this blog possible too! Me and Sox really appreciate the support while we’re doing our thing here!

3 Responses to Vietnam: We’ve made it!!!

  1. Sox's mum says:

    Hi Guys, it sounds as tho everything’s goin great – how wonderful to be putting a huge grin on the faces of all you meet!
    So what was the car trip like to the more remote village? Are you both wearing red noses? Whose doing the cooking? Do Sox’s socks need a wash yet?!
    Everything going smoothly at 241, tho it now seems we cant put stuff inside bungalow, but we are filling up garage. Cleaned the new kitchen yesterday & it was nice to be in there! Quite MAD that we are actually moving!
    Look forward to hearing more of your news,
    Tons luv Mum xxxx

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  2. Duffy says:

    Andy “SIDEKICK”

    You Guys ROCK!!!! I wish I were with you!
    and Melissa “Web Wizinette” ore web mistress…THANK YOU for setting up Sidekick’s blog

    Tell SOX I know where he lies, do he ahd better behave (or not :0)

    Cannot wait to hear more from you.

    Mom- I remember Sox’s socks in Peru. Don’t touch them! (Same socks for 10 days, Whew!)

    Luv You Guys. You are representing us in CCI well

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  3. Gina says:

    Hey Andy & Andy, it was great meeting you both at farmstay the other day! It’s so awesome and inspiring to meet people traveling with the intent of helping others. Sox- can’t wait to see what cool new projects are in store for you. Feel free to give me a shout whenever πŸ™‚

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