$478,000 Donated to Help Kids in Need

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The Kumari Project – A Safe House for Nepalese Orphans


Caring Clowns International is an all-volunteer, tax-exempt charitable non–profit organization. We clown with children and adults in the U.S. and developing countries in every setting from hospitals, orphanages and schools to earthquake ravaged areas and poor locales.

In addition, Caring Clowns International raises and funds projects that help kids in need around the world. One of the projects we recently provided a $5000 grant was to the Kumari Project. The Kumari Project provides a safe house for 12 Nepalese children who have been abandoned by their parents either through death, desertion, or extended prison term. They have been receiving limited, sub-standard education and have been recently enrolled in a good private school.

The grant will help fund the 2016 school year fees, supplies and other expenses for the 12 children in the safe house as they strive to catch up to a normal class level for their age and establish a good foundation on which to build further education and a love of learning.

Recently we received some feedback from the organizers of the Kumai Project, Beth and Arun, on the kid’s progress.

“It was a great visit with the kids….they got their term exam results just after we arrived and we are thrilled with their progress (2 of the 12 are first in their class, and 3 more are in the top 10. Thanks to you we have the funds to be able to find good tutors for those that are still struggling a bit in their new school. Thank you again for your generous gift.”


The Kumari Project Orphans showing their gratitude.

The Kumari Project as well as the numerous other projects the Caring Clowns International organization supports is making a difference for these disadvantage kids. Through your generous donations we are helping kids all around the world as well as bringing smiles too many others.

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