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Four Individuals Graduate From Clown School

“Jelly Bean,” “Selfie,” ”Gracie,” and “Flora.” At a time when individuals posing as scary clowns has generated all the headlines, isn’t it refreshing to know that four individuals completed a two-day 16-hour class on how to become a caring clown. The course was sponsored by and presented by Caring Clowns International.

Included in the class was “Selfie,” a 13-year-old who upon graduation said she can’t wait to start clowning with the organization.

The newbie clowns learned how to apply makeup and were offered ideas in designing their clown faces. Students also learned about clown skits and gags. On the second day, students were asked to come in costume, apply their faces in class, and put on a two-minute clown skit of their own.


Proudly displaying their diplomas!

“I’m especially proud of these individuals,” said Jed “Duffy” Selter, President and Executive Director of Caring Clowns International. “They have taken the initiative to learn a craft and join a very large network of caring individuals who want to spread joy here and around the world.”

The class was held in Kitsap County, Washington. Students receive a tabbed three ring binder of related material, a professional book on clowning and acts, a balloon pump & cutter, 50 balloons and a course completion diploma. Instructors included members of the charitable, not-for-profit organization.

The new clowns learned:

  • Why clown (You behind the funny face)
  • History of clowns and types
  • Considering your clown persona
  • Designing your clown face, use of makeup and techniques
  • Motion and Movement
  • Interaction with different types of audiences
  • Interaction with other clowns
  • Props and their use
  • Ballooning
  • Skit/gag development

Another class is scheduled for February 2017.

Congratulations to our new graduates.


“Gracie” and “Selfie”


“Jelly Bean” and “Flora”

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