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Time Vs. Money

After arriving home I was reflecting on all of the situations I witnessed this week from my travels. I thought about the hospital and all of the kids there. I thought about the schools and free clinics we observed. I started to wonder what the people really feel. The reason I was thinking about that … Continue reading Time Vs. Money

Life can be a surprise.

Yesterday we wrapped up our time in Peru with our final clown show at a free clinic. Nothing went right at all, yet I loved everything about it. I think it all started when we reached our destination and I stepped out of the van to be caught by two women because my clown shoes … Continue reading Life can be a surprise.

A school like no other.

Yesterday we arranged for a driver and a van because our trip to Pomploma Alta, was not near. We drove about 40 minutes to a community that was the most impoverished I have ever seen. They do not even have running water. Every day a water truck drives through and fills large blue containers with … Continue reading A school like no other.

Good Morning Peru!

Today I was putting on my make up in the mirror and realized it was day 6 of this trip. That means that I have put on more clown make up in the time I have been here, then I have used regualr make up, my whole life. It was a great feeling to know … Continue reading Good Morning Peru!

Last day at the hospital…onto clinics and schools

Today we arrived for the last time at the hospital. We knew today would be rough because our first stop was the burn unit. We arrived with a suitcase full of stuff animals and clown noses. Once we made our way up to the unit we put on gowns. Only three people were allowed in … Continue reading Last day at the hospital…onto clinics and schools

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