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24/7 Buzz

Late evening Lights dimmed ship-wide Passageways from bright white to red glow Soft yellow lights in the hangar bays deceptively hide the din of precision activity But, look more closely Mechanics with wrenches under copter blades torquing and adjusting things to be just right Pallets moving slowly and silently atop humming forklifts from corner to … Continue reading 24/7 Buzz

Somber Reminder

On every ship At each mess An unused solitary place setting Mound of salt Lemon wedge A single rose in a vase An inverted glass An empty chair Remembering those who are no longer with us Unaccounted for But always remembered The table, set for one, is small It symbolizes the frailty of one alone … Continue reading Somber Reminder


One day out of Pearl We slow to thirteen knots Along our starboard (right) side, The USNS Rainier replenishment ship approaches Slowly coming almost bow to bow with us Both ships fight each other’s wake between them Keeping the distance constant Maintaining a 170 feet (a mere 15 yards) separation In rolling seas!! A “shot” … Continue reading Replenishment

Decks, Levels and Ladders, Ladders, Ladders

Every ship has a “main” deck (level 01) For us it is the three hangar bays Above the main deck are “levels (02, 03, 04, etc), The flight deck is level 03 Below the main deck are “decks” (Just another point of reference…Are you still reading?) Getting from one level/deck to the next is by … Continue reading Decks, Levels and Ladders, Ladders, Ladders

The USS Arizona

On the move, now, slowly Leaving Pearl Standing at the massive hangar bay three elevator open door On our port (left) side, The USS Arizona Memorial Bright white, smooth lines Solemn, silent reminder She is below, resting place of 1,102 sailors killed on her December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl As she comes into … Continue reading The USS Arizona

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