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Monthly Archives: October 2010

San Diego…

Reached San Diego in calm seas Warm, sunny day Coming into port is an experience like no other On the flight deck Strong wind in my face from our movement Our size and uniqueness seemingly demanding respect Moving slowly down the channel Navy security boats and tugs power toward us Meet us for escort Many … Continue reading San Diego…


One day out until San Diego (Five out from Pearl) Early, a.m. Flight crews prep for departing the ship Loud sounds of running cable top side Ending in wall shuddering loud bangs called “no loads” Charging and release of the catapults Checking steam pressure and water brakes (the bangs) A distinctive dance of sounds Repeated … Continue reading Departures

Not Enough Cards

I figured I would meet a lot of folks on this voyage Sailors, other Tigers So, brought clown business cards About 100 or so To be able to stay in touch Thought they would go to other Tigers Not so Most are to nineteen, twenty year old sailors Sailors I talk to one-on-one and who … Continue reading Not Enough Cards

John Who?

I am here because of the graciousness of my friend, John Porter, the ship’s Director of Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) John is my Tiger Cruise sponsor We clowns in Caring Clowns International (CCI) have supported the USS Abraham Lincoln families at John’s request at numerous family parties and ship homecomings I have always liked … Continue reading John Who?

My Private Offering

I am, again, reflecting on this eleven day experience Not quite half over Have talked to many sailors and their “Tiger Cruise” families These sailors are young! Average age aboard ship is twenty years old Everyone one of them I see consciously emits pride – Their posture, their attitude, the tone of their voices, the … Continue reading My Private Offering

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