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John Who?

I am here because of the graciousness of
my friend, John Porter, the ship’s Director of
Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR)

John is my Tiger Cruise sponsor

We clowns in Caring Clowns International (CCI) have
supported the USS Abraham Lincoln families at John’s request
at numerous family parties and ship homecomings

I have always liked this guy
Admired his glow for people
His quiet, unpretentious outreach to sailors and their families,
and others – like me

(An indication of his humility- the name on his USS Lincoln ball cap reads
“Just John” – no ceremony, no title, no “Mr. Porter,”
…..Just John)

John is raw energy
All excitement
Never stops moving and doing
And, always (I mean ALWAYS) for others

(I swear he sleeps at 250 miles an hour)

He is a constant blur of what next

“Hey, got those tickets you wanted”
“Your hotel is all set up”
“What can I do for you?”
“Cool, Man, glad I could help!”

John is his own orchestra
He plays every part
He is amazing

Now, understand…
The role of a Tiger’s sponsor is to take his Tiger
around the ship, guide him and be his ship mentor

If I am lucky, I see John on average for five minutes
twice a day
Zipping from one ”I’ll get it for you right now,”
to another “Here, let me handle that for you”

…And, I wouldn’t want it any other way

I’m proud this guy calls me friend

Thank You, John!
For everything

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