It is only a suggestion

We don’t have a gig until 3PM,so this morning we got in a taxi (how many clowns can you fit in a taxi) and went clown shoe shopping in old Lima.
It was quite an experience, we walked through shopping areas winding in and out to look at clown and party stuff. It was two or three aisles of this stuff. We finally entered the place we were looking for through a little door(really) and the five of us spent a couple fo hours trying on lots of different types and colors of clown shoes. We all got a pair we liked, they cost about 40 bucks American.
Oh yea the title; the stop lights here are only a suggestion…
Really not like one car running a light, our driver blew through several lights at speed because there wasn’t anyone in them.:)

Off to the Orphanage.

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  1. Tracie says:

    Clown Alley looks amazing! You guys must have had a blast there!

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