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Decks, Levels and Ladders, Ladders, Ladders

Every ship has a “main” deck (level 01)
For us it is the three hangar bays

Above the main deck are “levels (02, 03, 04, etc),
The flight deck is level 03

Below the main deck are “decks”
(Just another point of reference…Are you still reading?)

Getting from one level/deck to the next is by “ladders” (of course)
Roughly twelve rungs each ladder,
Mostly two ladders between levels/decks
(Twenty four rungs then, deck to deck)

This ship has seventeen levels/decks
Count ‘em, that’s 408 rungs

All ladders are at about a 60 degree incline
Both up and down…
(Give me a break, I am just a clown!)

If you are prone to fragility,
This is not the place for you

Shin splints for two days,
Added lung capacity in three

(No wonder most sailors are in good shape)

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