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The USS Arizona

On the move, now, slowly Leaving Pearl Standing at the massive hangar bay three elevator open door On our port (left) side, The USS Arizona Memorial Bright white, smooth lines Solemn, silent reminder She is below, resting place of 1,102 sailors killed on her December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl As she comes into … Continue reading The USS Arizona

Preparing to Leave

Brow (gangway) about to be raised 1,700 sailors in perfectly creased, ironed whites For roll call in hanger bays two and three Inspection Preparing to “man the rail” topside They’ll assemble on the flight deck Shoulder-to-shoulder as the ship leaves Pearl As told to me by a Petty Officer First Class, This tradition goes back … Continue reading Preparing to Leave

You Put the Clown Where??

Picked up my room key Envelope said “MWR” (Morale Welfare and Recreation Director – my sponsor) Then, just “– Clown” No “Mr. Selter,” No “Jed Selter”… Just “Clown” Nuttin’ else But, there was a private corridor door to the room Sign on it read “Visitors State Rooms” (I’m getting impressed now) And then my room … Continue reading You Put the Clown Where??

Serious Stuff

Just on board First thing I see is this poster

It’s Time

At “Hotel Pier,” Pearl Harbor, Hawaii She is massive! Seventeen stories Ten above the water line, seven below 4.5 acres of flight deck- catapults and runways Five story numerals on her tower “72” (Her U.S. Navy designation is “CVN-72”) Home the past seven months to 6,500 sailors in every function – aviation, electronics, nuclear reactors, … Continue reading It’s Time

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